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Enhance And Protect Your Garden With Garden Rocks

There is nothing quite like having a beautiful border around your garden beds or along the pathways of your outdoor areas.

This is why adding the special touch of garden rocks can bring an extra touch of style to your garden.

Making your home your own little slice of paradise is possible with the right choice of quality garden supplies. You have the ability to highlight the beauty of your flowers and plants, while displaying your own unique sense of taste. 

When you select the best in quality rocks and pebbles for your garden, you are framing the natural art of everything which grows there. 

Gone are the days when you simply plant a few bushes or use a patch of the garden for a home of a collection of different flowers. With all the information and guides to building a thriving garden and one which suits the climate in which you live, you have the means to create a stunning look and a valuable asset to your home.

How rocks help you make more of your garden style

There are many advantages to using rocks in different parts of your garden. 

Having a layer of small rocks or even gravel acts as both a natural weed suppressant as well as adding an aesthetic appeal. This helps keep your plants able to absorb the water and nutrients they need to thrive. 

Rocks are also a durable natural resource for your garden and outdoor areas. They have a distinct character to them and an advantage over something like mulch which needs to be replaced every season. The best part is that your choice of quality rocks can last a lifetime.

You can choose different types of crushed rock to suit your needs and add special  character to your garden. You can choose from;

  • Class 3, 20mm Crushed Rock for use as a paving base or road base
  • Crusher Dust
  • Scoria at 20mm
  • A variety of various screenings from sizes of 7mm up to 50mm

This gives you a solid foundation for various garden needs such as driveway top up, backfilling retaining walls, creating the ideal surface and base and for superior drainage.

It’s important to use quality garden rocks that you can rely on for years to come. 

It pays to get the best in expert advice about which rocks to use for each garden application and those that will work best for your soil type. 

Protecting and enhancing your garden has never been easier.

Having access to a team who know all the ins and outs of garden supplies can be an invaluable source of know-how and guidance. After all, you want your garden to be your own small piece of paradise. 

The difference you get with Gembrook Garden Supplies

It’s great to know that there is still good old fashioned customer service out there from a team who are happy to go the extra mile to help you succeed and have your garden flourish. That’s exactly what you get from the quality garden supplier who offers the ultimate in expert advice whenever you need it.

That’s why Gembrook Garden Supplies is top of the list and comes highly recommended by its long list of loyal customers.

Not only can you choose from a fabulous range of garden rocks and screenings, you also get access to a wide selection of high grade mulches, pebbles, sands, soils and . building plumbing products too.

You can get something special for your garden, that’s good for Mother Nature and brings out the best in your outdoor areas.

See the great range for yourself by visiting our yard at 420 Belgrave-Gembrook Road, in Gembrook. You can call our friendly team of professionals on (03) 5967 7070 or request a quote now.

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