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5 Different Ways to Use Mini-Mix Ready Mix Concrete In Your Garden Design

Minimix Ready Mix Concrete is a unique type of concrete truck designed for getting into smaller spaces and navigating easily around suburban spaces to access hard-to-reach areas. Using a Minimix Ready Mix Concrete service allows easy access to all the concrete you need for a job, along with installation from qualified technicians and expert landscapers.

Before you go searching minimix concrete near me, allow us the chance to explain why concrete is an excellent choice for the garden. Concrete is ideal for adding stability and structure to your garden design. Adding small amounts of concrete to support structures can help to add stability and reduce the chance of strong winds, tree limbs, or accidental knocks causing damage to your carefully planned garden.

Concrete can also be used to create long-lasting designs and aesthetics and can add durable and smooth edges to your garden for clean lines and finishes. It can also help design statement pieces that contribute to the charm and overall look of the garden. 

Creating Durable Pathways

One common use of concrete in the garden is to create hardwearing and drainable pathways that keep your feet clean when traversing your garden after a rainstorm. These paths can culminate in a drain that washes away the worst of the rain and saves you from bogging down your lawn. 

These paths are not only practical in that they allow you to keep your feet dry, but they are also a great option in that concrete is much more durable than other types of pathways commonly used in gardens. Gravel or mulch is more prone to degradation and erosion and will wash away easily, spreading throughout the garden and leaving small stones. 

You can also use concrete pathways to create beautiful designs throughout the garden. This can be a great way to establish a specific feel and mood for the space. For instance, you might go for blocks of concentric patterns in a European-inspired garden.

Building Raised Garden Beds

Concrete is an ideal choice for creating raised garden beds, as it is durable and weather-resistant. This means the garden beds won’t rot out as they age, which is often the problem with wooden raised beds. 

Concrete also warms with the weather, giving spring crops a slight advantage. If you have crops in raised beds that rely on soil temperature for germination, planting in a concrete bed can jumpstart that process sooner in the year than some other materials. 

However, concrete garden beds can be challenging to make yourself as they do require a lot of planning and careful measurement to get exactly right. Pouring concrete is quite a skill, and achieving the necessary vertical height for a garden bed without having the concrete have lumps, air bubbles, or cracks, as well as measuring up at the corners can be difficult. 

One easy workaround is to use cinder blocks. These are easily stackable and have similar attributes to concrete. 

Constructing Garden Edging

Concrete can also be used to create beautiful lines around the edges of a garden, giving beds, pathways, or lawns a clean and defined edge. You can also add curved borders or even add some colours to the concrete for unique or thematic-inspired looks. 

Designing Garden Art and Features

Want to create stunning garden art? Concrete is a fun and hands-on way to get into the artistic spirit. Whether you decide to make a sculpture for a lifelong residency or create some Halloween decorations, mini-mix concrete is a fun way to get the whole family involved.

You can also create long-lasting memories with concrete, like embedding your children’s hands in stepping stones or having a go at each creating a decorative pot. Using these functional items will give you a chance to remember the fun you shared each day. 

Building Functional Outdoor Furniture

Concrete is known for its functionality and can be used to create sleek and smooth benches, tables, and planter boxes. These can be easily cleaned and can even be covered with paint or inlaid with designs to give personality. 

You can even have multifunctional designs, like a bench that has planter boxes built-in. Because you are building it with concrete, the design choices are limited only to your own imagination. 

Have fun coming up with ideas, and when you are ready to use mini-mix concrete, don’t worry about googling concrete ready mix near me. Simply contact the team at Gembrook Garden Supplies to get the ball rolling.

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