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Rocks & Pebbles

The use of Rocks & Pebbles in any garden or landscape can create a stunning visual impact by incorporating texture and definition. Rocks and pebbles have a vast variety of uses, from small pebbles which offer great drainage and are perfect for pathways and fillers between pavers to larger rocks that can be used alone as a standout feature. The uses are endless and limited only by the imagination.

Choose Decorative Rocks, Stones, or Pebbles for Your Place

If you really want to make a statement, then our Castella Decorative Rocks will do the trick. Their multicoloured surfaces will blend with a range of garden settings, whether they feature throughout garden beds, at key transition points, or in a dry creek or garden water feature. Choose the size that suits your needs, from 16mm down to compactable dust varieties.

Our River Pebbles can be used as a decorative feature anywhere in the garden, but really shine when used in a water feature that brings forth the depth of their natural colours. We source our River Pebbles from an environmentally sustainable supply, and they range from whites and greys to browns and creams. The are free from dust and fines, making them ideal for drainage.

For a sandstone decorative rock that gives a Mediterranean feel to any landscape, why not check out our Tuscan Stone. With its earthy tones and angular rock faces, this stone will look striking whether you use it as a decorative mulch, path, or garden topping. It also provides excellent drainage.  

You will also find an impressive range of HGS Mud Stones in various shapes and sizes. These flat topped stones make the perfect choice for stepping stones, pavers, or for use in retaining walls and water features.

Our Colac Rocks (also known as Landscape Rocks) are sourced from farms in Colac, and their size, colour, and moss coverage will vary to give you an appealing range to choose from.

Whether you are a professional landscaper or a home gardener, why not visit us at HGS Gembrook Garden Supplies to view our range of decorative rocks today.

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