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We stock Treated Pine and Ironbark Sleepers and Railway Sleepers (check availability).

Our Ecowood Treated Pine Sleepers are available in various sizes & lengths. Ecowood sleepers are treated with an arsenic-free treatment, making them safe for use around children and animals.

Ironbark Sleepers are regarded as one of the most durable Australian hardwoods. They come in various sizes & lengths and suitable for heavy construction work, including retaining walls and posts. They are also resistant to rot and termites and highly recommended by the building commission for bushfire prone areas.

Recycled Railway Sleepers come in a variety of grades, based on the quality of the timber, straightness and cracks. They can be used for a variety of landscaping applications such as retaining walls, vegetable garden beds, rustic garden borders or as a feature timber product, such as a rustic table or bench seats.

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