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How to incorporate garden rocks and river pebbles in your garden?

Designing your garden with care and effort can create a peaceful space for uninterrupted thinking and relaxation. However, managing to get the garden that you dream of can be a bit more difficult.

Our team can answer your questions and give tips on bringing nature back to your garden. They are nice and smart. This is especially true for those with little space or time for gardening. Some want a lush garden to relax in, while others can only tend to theirs occasionally.

Including nature in your garden design can help you feel more connected to the natural world. It can also help you remember what matters to you. This is especially important when you don’t have much time or space.

What are methods for low-maintenance gardens? 

Want more nature in your garden? Not enough plants growing everywhere? Add some! Creating a garden in the city or suburbs can be overwhelming for some people. 

To make your garden low maintenance, use rocks for pathways and areas where you want to prevent weeds. You can even create rock gardens, where the plants grow around the rocks!

This prevents unwanted plants from growing. As a result, you don’t have to spend as much time removing weeds. These weeds can harm your favourite plants. You can add nature to your garden by using different rocks and pebbles in your design.

How to incorporate nature back into my garden?

Natural inspiration

To start with, take inspiration from the natural world around you. For an easy garden, pick a river pebble or garden rock that matches the environment. Are you near a river, or do you have any novel mountains or rocky deposits in the area?

You can also try to celebrate the history of the area, especially if it is related to plants. For instance, do you have any unique flora that thrive well in only the conditions found in your region? Or do you have some unique animals that enjoy nibbling on a particular plant?

By adding these natural histories to your garden, you can reconnect with the nature around your site. That can help to merge your garden into the surrounding landscape and make it feel more homey.

Make it messy

One of the strangest things about inner city gardens is the need for neatness. Being tidy in your garden makes it easier to take care of, but it also separates the garden from nature.

If you are inclined, try making your garden less about perfectly planned and spaced pots and more about having plants and life around you that make you feel happy. It can be hard to do, especially if you’ve been taught to think your home always needs to be perfect. But it can help you relax and reduce stress!

If you don’t want to make a mess in your garden or aren’t ready for that, start with something smaller. Instead of concrete, try using river pebbles, or garden rocks on the walkways.

People often plan their gardens before planting to group plants with similar needs, which is a helpful step. Others take this further and plan out the exact composition of the garden down to the number of rows and seeds per pot.

Taking a break from this plan can help us connect with nature. Nature is not as organized as a city garden, so it’s a good way to relax and enjoy the natural world.

Bring back your favourites

Lastly, to create a garden that feels like a beautiful natural place, it’s important to have plants that you enjoy being near. If you have a favourite flower, colour or scent, try planting some of your favourites around the place. You can do this semi-randomly to bring some messiness back to the garden.

Where to get the supplies? 

For all your garden needs, we recommend visiting Gembrook Garden Supplies. Our team can answer your questions and give tips on bringing nature back to your garden. They are friendly and knowledgeable.

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