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Tuscan Toppings

  • Tuscan Toppings

Tuscan Toppings is a special product that gives you the ability to add a stunning look to your garden and your home.

You get the stunning look of this attractive terracotta coloured topping which can be compacted to suit your needs. 

It is suitable for both paths and driveways which allows you to showcase your place. It is produced from crushed sandstone which is comprised of fines and smaller pebbles (of up to 20 mm in size). This topping gives you the special advantage of excellent drainage qualities, making it suitable for low maintenance gardens. 

It is a wonderful and eye-catching alternative to concreting and paving. All you need to do is ensure that it is compacted using a whacker plate in order to get the best results.

Having a rich and vibrant colour to accent the plants and flowers in your garden is a clever way to make more of your outdoor area.

Where do you find the best in quality garden products and toppings? 

That’s where the range at Gembrook Garden Supplies really stands out from the crowd.

Whether it’s the beauty and qualities of high-grade Tuscan Toppings or the top choices in driveway and paths such Castella, Lilydale, Tynong toppings or even Granitic Sand, you have it all at the one great location.

That’s Gembrook Garden Supplies – the leading name in quality garden supplies. 

We are proud to be able to offer the best in expert advice and customer service, all from our friendly and experienced team.

We’re a local, family owned business who open 6 days a week to both the public and trade customers with fast and reliable delivery too.

There’s nothing quite like seeing the great range for yourself here at 420 Belgrave-Gembrook Road, Gembrook. Remember, there’s no order too big or small.

Talk to us today or you can click here to request an online quote.

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