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Bush Mulch

  • Bush Mulch

Bush Mulch is a fantastic addition to your place for both its look and its ability to help your garden thrive.

It is produced by chipping tree prunings, including branches and leaf matter which is aged and therefore allows the mulch to compost. 

It is a budget priced mulch that breaks down beautifully, feeds the garden, and assists with weed control and moisture retention. 

Bush Mulch (or Tree Loppers Mulch as it is sometimes called) is an excellent choice for native gardens due to its natural appearance and ability to blend into the environment.

The best part is that you can choose from a range of mulches including; Bush, Black, Blended, Red, Playground, Organic, and Fine Pine mulch. You can also find the best in rocks, pebbles, soils, sands, and much more. It’s all here for you at Gembrook Garden Supplies.

See the extensive range for yourself here at 420 Belgrave-Gembrook Road, Gembrook. Our friendly and experienced team are always ready with helpful expert advice. 

We’re proud to be a local, family-owned business with more than 40 years of providing quality products. We offer fast and reliable delivery that goes hand in hand with giving the very best in customer service.

We can look after your individual needs and there’s no order too big or small. 

Talk to us today or you can click here to request an online quote.

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