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Mushroom Compost

  • Mushroom Compost

Enriching your soil is easy when you use quality mushroom compost. For the best composts and mulches, head straight to Gembrook Garden Supplies.

We’re known for our selection of the best in garden mulches and that extends to our offering in this special mulch.

Mushroom compost is one of the richest and most effective fertilisers and soil conditioners you can find. It can be spread over the ground or dug or worked into the soil, as its ingredients are almost totally decomposed. This powerfully enriches the soil and supplies much-needed nutrients for the healthy growth of plants with a slow-release advantage. 

It also increases the water-holding capacity of the soil, which then decreases your watering needs and water bill. This compost is considered one of the most eco-friendly options for your gardening needs. 

Whenever you are looking for a top-quality garden product or special supplies, like composts, mulches or screenings, there’s no better place to go.

Making the most of your gardening efforts and getting the best possible results is easier than ever.

You’ll always get the highest quality products and all backed with expert advice at Gembrook Garden Supplies. Our experienced and friendly team is always ready to help you get the best results and help you make the right choice.

We’re a local, family-owned business that’s open 6 days a week to both the public and trade customers. There’s also the advantage of our fast and reliable delivery too. 

The quality products include everything from mushroom compost and organic mulch to pebbles and rocks, sands, soils, cement, and almost anything you could want for your garden. You can see the extensive range for yourself here at 420 Belgrave-Gembrook Road, Gembrook. There’s no order too big or small.

Talk to us today or you can click here to request an online quote.

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  • Open 7 days a week, and a fast and reliable delivery service available